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Japanese Taiko Drumming in Berlin

Taiko is fascinating

The sweeping movements of Taiko drumming demonstrate strength, concentration and aesthetics, but for anyone lucky enough to have witnessed this display in person would agree it takes a great deal of fitness and endurance, yet also exudes fun and joy. The beat of the drums is a staple of most Japanese folk festivals. And for good reason, as there are few who would not be moved by its fierce rhythm.

Good news: Taiko is possible to learn

In our Neukölln dojo we offer regular classes for beginner and advanced drummers. There is the possibility to jump in one of the current classes offered. In small groups, technique, rhythm and body feel are taught and extensively trained in accompaniment of traditional Japanese music. Each class is paired with a piece of music that matches the experience of the drummers. With time the rhythms become progressively more intricate and gradually the numbers of “voices” increase. We seek to develop as a group exploring these complexities together.

Or join us in one of our regular two-hour introductory Taiko classes or weekend-workshops (see here for workshops).
More info at www.taiko-news.de where you can find upcoming Germany-wide workshops, Taiko performances and other related announcements.

Japanese drumming on festivals

Japanese drumming is not only an essential part of festivals in Japan, but is getting more and more popular on festivals in Europe. There are typical japanese festivals in Berlin, too, during the cherryblossom season for instance: Hanami – and there are so many cherryblossom trees around in and around Berlin! To find actual information about different japanese events, we recommend the journal Nipponya.

You can book our group

Moreover, you can book our group for any special event with a programm fitting particularly to your needs – find an insight on youtube.

Our highlight after the lockdown measures was to celebrate 5 years iki iki TAIKO on 7th August 2021 in the ufaFabrik on the big open-air stage – the whole concert in full length is available on DVD, but have an insight into it here:

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